Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Control 'Control Panel'

Do you have someone changing the settings of your computer control panel often? This can affect the performance of your computer to a great extent. So, it is an urgent need for you to stop it from happening. How will you do it? Will you request everyone who uses your computer to not to go to the control panel? I think this will not work with everyone (some people are naughty, isn't:))
You don't have to tell anything to anyone just follow the instructions given below and you will get your work done in a few minutes. This is an option in Windows to restrict access to the control panel or any specific item in the control panel.
So, here we go.

How To Restrict Access To An Item In Control Panel:

If you don't want to disappoint your friends that you are blocking them from using your computer, you can just restrict the access to some specific items in control panel that you think are more important. Now, when your friend uses the computer he can access the control panel but some of the items that you have restricted will be hidden.
So, here's how it is done. First type 'gpedit.msc' in Run (by pressing the 'Start' + R on your keyboard). You will be shown the window called Local Group Policy Editor. Now go to User Configuration, Administrative Templates and Control Panel and double click on 'hide specified items in control panel'. This will bring up a window. Click on Enabled. Then click on the Show button under the Options. Now you will be provided with an input box. Now enter the name of the item in the control panel that you want to restrict exactly in the space provided. You can add multiple items. When you are done click on OK. Then Click Apply and guess what? you have restricted the selected items from the control panel.
You can just test that by going to the control panel yourself.

Restrict The Control Panel Fully:

If you don't mind you can restrict the control panel fully. To do that go the above path in Local Group Policy Editor. Double click on 'Prohibit access to the Control Panel'. Click on Enabled and apply the changes.
Now you will not be able to see Control Panel anywhere in your computer. Even if you try to access it by typing 'control' in Run, you will get a message saying 'This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator'.

Now, you don't have to worry about someone messing around with your control panel. You have it in your control.


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